We are SEAN&HORN. A partnership founded on our shared affinity for imagining and crafting high quality, considered, characterful objects, pieces and projects.

We combine traditional construction and joinery with CNC machining, to get the best of both worlds.

We are always in the process of developing our own in-house designs. However, we’d love to be involved in whatever project you have in the works (click here for a list of services we provide).

For CNC services, click here to submit your job for a fixed quote.

Please contact us here with all other enquiries. 

Kind regards,

Sean Kellett & Billy Horn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNC

Computer Numerically Controlled - A robot that with great precision cuts timber, metal, plastic and more.

Do you only machine panels?

No. We have made a concerted effort to develop skills in machining of solid timber including hardwood. And we love a challenge.

I don’t know how to use CAD?

We can quote your job based on a hand drawing, as long as we have all the relevant dimensions. Click here to get a quote.